Man installing a server in a rack system

Every business, no matter how big

has many moving parts. It’s like a machine. If one part isn’t operating properly, it can throw the whole thing off balance, slow it down, or bring it to a halt. CFL Technology Source keeps one big part of your machine, your technology, running.

Scalable IT Solutions

We have a team of IT experts who monitor and manage your network preventing business interruption and eliminating potential problems. Our Managed IT Service Plan was designed to offer those services at a fixed monthly fee, making it easy to budget and knowing all of your networking needs are managed.

This leads to you having peace of mind knowing your business can reduce operating costs and speed up productivity.

  • Proactive live monitoring of your entire office
  • On-Site and remote support
  • Server management to maintain maximum operational uptime and speed
  • Integrated databases that use the most advanced tools
  • Support for all of your devices
  • On- and off-site data backup options available
  • Data and voice cabling available as needed
  • 24/7 live monitoring with alerts to prevent issues from becoming emergencies
  • Install, manage, and update security for virus protection
  • Battery backup units to prevent data loss from a power outage
  • Friendly support for your personnel
  • Secure company files and organize them using a designed infrastructure for you
  • All main internet connections are firewalled for your company’s protection

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