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A safety net for your data

It can happen: a catastrophic failure that could erase your company’s data. The way to prevent such a thing from happening is to protect it using CFL Technology Source’s backup solutions.


If your servers host business-critical applications, files, and data, then you need protection from extended downtime that can be caused by hardware failures or natural disasters. Our complete Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) solutions give you the ability to rapidly recover data that may have been lost through accidental deletion, server failures, or site catastrophes.

With scheduled backups happening regularly and our team of technicians monitoring the system and fixing issues, you can have peace of mind knowing your data is always there no matter what.

  • Backups occur on a schedule best suited for your business
  • Your whole company’s databases are backed up
  • We keep your applications in case of hard drive failure
  • Backup data are encrypted for safety and privacy
  • Your user preferences are also saved
  • We save important files and folders in case of crashes
  • All email accounts, including all contacts and messages, are preserved
  • We have onsite and offsite options for storing backup data

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